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The Advantages of a Printed PVC Banner

One of the most impact full and popular forms of advertising and marketing today is PVC banner printing which essentially involves creating large, printed banners for outdoor (or more rarely, indoors) spaces, which can be easily unfurled, fixed and displayed with the required text, design or message. PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride and is the material used to make these banners, also called vinyl banners. PVC offers many advantages:
  • The material is extremely useful as it is strong and flexible at the same time.
  • It resists wear and tear and lasts a long time
  • It can easily be used to print bold and clear messages and designs to catch the attention of potential customers



These are just a few reasons why you should go for the amazing outdoor banners provided by us:
  • We offer banners with 530 gsm thickness
  • We also offer 1440 dpi high-res printing with full floors. This is what makes our banners so vibrant and attractive
  • These banners can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. They are fire retardant to din 75200 (class B)
  • All our banners are extremely durable. They are made from PVC material which is resistant to scratches, tears and fades and has a life of 7 years
  • All banners have a high quality finish with a smooth and bright surface
  • We only use high quality solvent ink which is not only waterproof and scratch resistant but also eco-friendly. It lasts a very long time without fading away.
  • Standard hemming with 9mm brass eyelets are available; but other options too are available
We at Signsware House offer high quality and yet Quality PVC banners that will give your business a huge marketing boost without straining your advertising budget. These are banners that can stand on their own, thanks to an internal structure of metallic or plastic tubes. These all weather banners are unaffected by rain or sunshine and continue to proudly display your message whatever the weather conditions may be Our cheap banner printing is done in efficient, cost-effective and innovative manner using the best materials and the latest technologies to ensure you get the best deal for your money.
  1. We produce high quality banners at cost effective prices by utilizing the latest technology in both printing and vinyl production
  1. Our user friendly, easy to use portal is designed to make the whole process of buying signs as simple as possible
  1. We take customer service very seriously and believe in working with our customers at every stage to ensure they get customized products according to the specific requirements.

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