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Acrylic Signs/Acrylic Build up letters

Discount Sign & Print offers many different types of acrylic signs at value for money prices. From fully acrylic signage options to beautiful individual letters and words, we offer a range of amazing options which we can customize according to special requirements. We have a team of expert manufactures and designers who know how to work with this amazing material and use it to the best advantage when creating attractive, refined signage. Here are some of the advantages of choosing to obtain these beautiful, lustrous signs from us:

  • We ensure that every acrylic sign we send out has a very smooth, gleaming surface that creates an instant aura of premium quality. This is the main attraction of acrylic which is considered both modern and high-end. The slinky sheen it produces is very visually appealing and almost unconsciously, people will find themselves unable to resist looking at a sign made of this material.
  • We use high-tech machinery and top grade materials to customize the sign exactly, according to your wishes, and to create the special aesthetic effect that is required. Other practical benefits include the increased resilience and durability that is offered.

There many ways in which acrylic can be used to jazz up your signs and lend your promotional material an attractive vibe, and we can provide you with a variety of options. Here are three of our most popular acrylic products:

  1. Many people go for signs made entirely of acrylic, from the tray to the letters.
  2. To create a visually dramatic contrast, you can also go for acrylic 3D letters against a plain metal or plastic background. These shining, smooth letters stand out irresistibly and lend the sign a very modern, innovative and edgy aesthetic.
  3. Acrylic build up letters can also be more subtly crafted and positioned so that they seem to be only slightly raised from the background. This has a very unique aesthetic effect which is very visually appealing.

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