CNC Profiling

CNC Profiling is a cutting-edge, innovative type of technology used to make many different types of signs. It is essentially an engineering technique that provides the creators with complete control over the look, make and design of the sign and hence lends it a very polished finish.  With this kind of technology, the sign can be created in any kind of design or shape. It also creates a very cutting edge, modern vibe for the sign.

This technology is one that has already become huge in the engineering world.  If you want to make sure that your signs are expertly created using only such cutting edge technology, then Discount Sign and Print is the right firm for you. We have the equipment and manpower to cater to your needs.  We have the latest CNC technology (machines, cutters etc.) as well as skilled personnel who know exactly how to operate the equipment in order to get the best results.

We can make a variety of designs on different colour materials like dibond, acrylic, foamex etc. We also offer specialized sign and sign related products including sign trays, flat cut letters, build up letters and so on. You can opt to get a custom made sign with your logo beautifully incorporated along with whatever other design requirements you may have. We also offer sampling products including exhibition signs and models, so that you can get a good idea of what we offer before purchasing.

When done right, CNC profiling can create marvelous signs that are uniquely designed and perfectly finished. That's why our signage firm has become so popular in the signage industry. At Discount Sign and Print we use only the latest equipment and technology including CNC profiling to create high quality, affordable signs of all types.

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